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FCI Ophthalmics

State-of-the-Art Ophthalmic Surgical Devices

Since its inception in 1984, FCI has become a world leader in the development of ophthalmic surgical devices. The products manufactured by FCI include a full range of lacrimal stents and tubes, eyelid implants and weights, orbital implants, cataract devices, vitreoretinal devices, and dry eye products.


Our plugs fit all your needs

For more than 20 years FCI Ophthalmics has been a specialist in the research and design and manufacturing of highly effective Punctum Plugs for the treatment of punctal occlusion. As a world leader in this area, FCI constantly adapts its plugs to the needs of physicians worldwide.


A wide range of flexibility in your surgical approach

The comprehensive treatment of nasolacrimal duct obstruction and stenosis is FCI Ophthalmics’ core business. As a world leader in the R&D of lacrimal devices we provide bicanalicular and monocanalicular stents and tubes.


An array of eyelid devices

FCI Ophthalmics is dedicated to helping physicians provide both surgical and non-surgical solutions, including eyelid implants and external eyelid weights, for the treatment of eyelid difficulties such lagophthalmos and ptosis.


Improved biocompatility of our implants

FCI Ophthalmics orbital implants provide highly effective treatment options to perform enucleation and evisceration procedures. Among other ophthalmic surgical devices, FCI offers silicone implants, bioceramic implants and OSMED Tissue Expanders.


Your complex cases converted into simple cases

As a world leader in the development of cataract surgery devices, FCI Ophthalmics has worked with reputable manufacturers. From CTRs to the Mackool capsular bag hooks, you can trust FCI to be your completea supplier.


Our Focus is on your success

For decades FCI has developed a wide range of retina products such as: laser probes, vitreoretinal instruments, vitrectomy lenses, backflush and cannulas. FCI expertise led to the development of many innovative and exclusive devices.

Historically, repair of either canaliculus involved bicanalicular intubation with intranasal retrieval of stent tubing, often under general anesthesia. There are now a number of commercially available stent products that allow a wide range of flexibility in surgical approach.”

Tamara R. Fountain, MD – Chapter 5 “Management of Canalicular Trauma”
Manual of Oculoplastic Surgery by Mark R. Levine (2010)