Ring Calipers

A temporary template to create a more precise anterior capsulorhexis.

Mackool Cataract Support System FCI EXCLUSIVE

FCI is the exclusive distributor of the Mackool Cataract Support System, which provides capsular support during cataract surgery. It anchors the capsule to the scleral wall and stabilizes the entire equator of the capsular bag during phaco and cortex removal, especially in cases of absent or weak zonules. Mackool Cataract Support hooks slide around the […]

MORCHER® Pupil Dilator

The Morcher pupil dilator is a semi-circular elastic PMMA ring for the expansion of the pupil during phacoemulsification. For patients who have cataracts and contracted pupils or floppy iris syndrome, this is the optimal temporary implant. Important Note: The pupil dilator should be implanted only with viscoelastic for protection of the corneal endothelium. Single use, […]

APX 200 Pupil Expander FCI EXCLUSIVE

APX 200 is a pupil expander that provides surgeons with an effective pupil dilation, comfortable surgical performance and a high safety profile, in eyes with small pupils or floppy iris (IFIS). APX 200 is fast and easy to insert and remove, requires no intraocular manipulations, provides adequate pupil size, and also does not interfere with […]

9-0 Polypropelyne Non-Absorbable Suture

Particularly suitable for suturing Cionni Type CTR, Ahmed Segment or stabilizing an IOL, this suture has optimal handling properties. • Smooth, uniform surface for effortless passage through soft tissue • High tensile strength • Secure knot holding Single use, sterile Box of 12

Geuder® CTR Injector

Designed for one-hand, clockwise implantation of MORCHER®: • Standard Type 14 CTR • Henderson Type 10C CTR • Cionni Type 2C CTR


The KITARO® COMPLEX LAB Kit 1 has been designed for intermediate and advanced surgeons to practice techniques used in complex cataract surgery. Be prepared to manage challenging or infrequently experienced cases by training repeatedly using realistic, synthetic materials. Perform techniques that can potentially improve surgical outcomes and reduce operating time. • Practice with naked eye […]


The KITARO® COMPLEX LAB Kit 2 is designed to practice additional techniques and add a second station to your workshop. • Pratice with naked eye • Most effective with desktop microscope or magnifying glass • Normal right eye, deep-set left eye (interchangeable) • Ability to practice techniques repeatedly • Sold ready-to-use • Optional and replacement […]


The KITARO® COMBO Kit contains an enhanced face with nose feature and a normal right eye and deep-set left eye (interchangeable). These features provide an even more realistic and challenging operating experience. This kit also contains an improved drainage box and some components of KITARO COMBOLAB (DRY LAB + WET LAB) Kit.

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