Eyelid repair


Ocular Shield

The ocular shield is a protective eye shield for conventional lid surgery. It comes with a suction cup for ease of placement and removal. Sterile, disposable Box of 1

Watzke forceps

Watzke Forceps are used to slide a fixation sleeve onto a band. These forceps are reusable and made of titanium. Non-sterile, reusable Box of 1


FCI’s PTOSE-UP® is a strip of biomaterial made of expanded PolyTetraFluoroEthylene (ePTFE), fitted with a needle at each extremity. It is used to join the upper eyelid to the frontalis muscle in ptosis surgery with frontalis suspension. Designed by J.M. Ruban, M.D.

Ptosis Sling

The Ptosis sling allows physicians to provide a highly effective treatment for ptosis with frontalis suspension. Designed by J.L. Louquet, M.D. and D. Guerin, M.D.

Thinprofile™ Eyelid Weights

Thinprofile™ Eyelid Implants feature a sleek surface, anatomically friendly with tapered edges and smoothly rounded corners. This allows the implant to conform to the surface curvature of the eye, offering superior cosmesis and patient satisfaction.

Blinkeze™ Eyelid Weights


Blinkeze™ External Eyelid Weights provide those with lagophthalmos, as a result of temporary facial paralysis or Bell’s palsy, with an immediate and easy to apply treatment. Blinkeze™ can be quickly attached to the upper eyelid with the included EyeClose® double-sided, hypoallergenic adhesive strips. For the most effective external treatment of lagophthalmos, Blinkeze™ external eyelid weights […]

Eyelid Weight Sizing Set

This set enables the ophthalmologist to select the appropriate eyelid weight. The eyelid should close without difficulty and induce a slight ptosis of no more than 1.0 mm.

External Eyelid Weights

FCI external eyelid weights provide those with lagophthalmos as a result of temporary facial paralysis or Bell’s palsy with an immediate and easy to apply treatment.

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