Permanent Plugs



SnugPlug® is a one-size-fits-most punctum plug pre-stretched on an inserter.  When released from the inserter, the SnugPlug® returns to its natural shape assuring a snug fit and eliminating pop-out. Its soft collarette prevents migration and provides patient comfort. SNUGPLUG® quickly and effectively relieves the discomfort associated with dry eyes and improves the patient’s quality of […]

Tearsaver® Plugs

The tapered shaft design helps to anchor the plug securely in the punctum for more comfort and less risk of rub-out. Preloaded on single use inserter/dilator instrument for ease of insertion.

Preloaded Punctal Plugs FCI EXCLUSIVE

FCI’s Preloaded Punctal Plugs are “ready-set” plugs used for punctal occlusion. The Preloaded plugs conform to the natural anatomy of the eyelid with ultra-thin, medical-grade silicone collarettes for maximum patient comfort. For ease of use, these preloaded punctal plugs are pre-loaded on a disposable inserter/dilator device and are easily removed with forceps.    

Non-Sterile Plugs FCI EXCLUSIVE

FCI’ s Non-Sterile Punctal Plugs are “ready set” plugs pre-mounted on a wheel for quick and easy loading onto a plug inserter for punctal occlusion procedures.      

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