OCULID Gold Slim® | OCULID Platinum Slim® Implants


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Description :

OCULID® implants are indicated for the treatment of the functional defects of lagophthalmos resulting from facial paralysis.

OCULID® implants conform to the surface curvature of the eye, offering superior cosmesis and aesthetic satisfaction among patients. Additionally, they feature a sleek surface, anatomically friendly curvature with tapered edges, and smoothly rounded corners.

Main characteristics :

• Rapid post-operative recovery and excellent tolerance
• Excellent biocompatibility
• Restores dynamic blink and closure for functional results and lid cosmesis
• 0.6 mm thickness | 5.0 mm width
• Available in gold and platinum
• 40% thinner than regular Oculid® implantable weights
• Platinum density 11% higher than gold
• 1.0 mm suture holes
• MRI Conditional*
• Sterile
• Box of 1

*Check IFU for MRI Parameters


S3.4006 OCULID Gold Slim® 0.6 g Gold Box of 1
S3.4008 OCULID Gold Slim® 0.8 g Gold Box of 1
S3.4010 OCULID Gold Slim® 1.0 g Gold Box of 1
S3.4012 OCULID Gold Slim® 1.2 g Gold Box of 1
S3.4014 OCULID Gold Slim® 1.4 g Gold Box of 1
S3.4016 OCULID Gold Slim® 1.6 g Gold Box of 1
S3.6006 OCULID Platinum Slim® 0.6 g Platinum Box of 1
S3.6008 OCULID Platinum Slim® 0.8 g Platinum Box of 1
S3.6010 OCULID Platinum Slim® 1.0 g Platinum Box of 1
S3.6012 OCULID Platinum Slim® 1.2 g Platinum Box of 1
S3.6014 OCULID Platinum Slim® 1.4 g Platinum Box of 1
S3.6016 OCULID Platinum Slim® 1.6 g Platinum Box of 1
S3.6018 OCULID Platinum Slim® 1.8 g Platinum Box of 1

*Check IFU for MRI Parameters


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