MORCHER® EyeJet® Type 20C


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Description :

The new MORCHER® EyeJet® Type 20C is a modification of the standard Capsular Tension Ring (CTR) with a sinusoidal shape. The wavelike design allows for nuclear and cortical removal while still maintaining the desired stretch of the capsular bag.

  • Size (open): 12.0 mm
  • Size (compressed): 11.0 mm
  • Zonular Damage: up to 4 hours (120º)
  • Material: Clear PMMA
  • Features: The 17 indentations of 0.15 mm are designed to simplify the removal or the cortex tissue.

Main characteristics :

  • Expands and stabilizes the capsular bag
  • Distributes the pressure to all zonular fibers and prevents one-sided pressure to single zonular fibers
  • Reduces post-operative capsular bag shrinkage
  • Facilitates centration of the IOL
  • Facilitates safe cataract surgery in eyes with weak or partially absent zonules
  • Facilitates cortical removal
  • The capsular tension rings have eyelets at both ends to facilitate insertion

FDA approval is pending.

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