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Description :

Designed by Ike Ahmed, M.D.

The Ahmed Capsular Tension Segment (CTS) for scleral fixation is indicated for patients with extensive and/or progressive zonular loss. The partial ring segment traces a 120º arc with a radius of 4.5 or 5.0 mm and an anteriorly positioned fixation eyelet. Unlike CTRs, the CTS can be used in cases where an anterior or posterior capsular tear or a discontinuous capsulorhexis is present, as it does not generate a 360º expansile force. Multiple segments can be used if necessary. The CTS provides support in the area of fixation. It has to be combined with a CTR when circumferential support is required. The CTS may also be used for intraoperative support and removed prior to completion of the surgery.






Main characteristics :

• Atraumatic placement in the capsular bag
• No dialing technique needed
• Can be used with CTR
• More than one CTS can be used
• May be used intraoperatively, secured by iris retractors
• May be used as permanent support, sutured to the sclera
• 2 diameters and lengths
• 2 curvature radii
• Arc of 120°
• Anterior central eyelet
• Use with 9-0 Polypropylene, non-absorbable suture
• Clear PMMA
• Sterile


Ahmed Segment Type Size Diameter Zonular Damage ACCC* Curvature Radius Packaging
MR-6D  6D 9.61 mm length 9.5 mm diameter >4 clock hours (120°) 5.0 mm 4.5 mm Box of 1
MR-6E  6E 10.14 mm length 10 mm diameter >4 clock hours (120°) 5.0 mm 5.00 mm Box of 1


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