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SnugPlug® is a one-size-fits-most punctum plug pre-stretched on an inserter.  When released from the inserter, the SnugPlug® returns to its natural shape assuring a snug fit and eliminating pop-out. Its soft collarette prevents migration and provides patient comfort. SNUGPLUG® quickly and effectively relieves the discomfort associated with dry eyes and improves the patient’s quality of […]

Tearsaver® Plugs

The tapered shaft design helps to anchor the plug securely in the punctum for more comfort and less risk of rub-out. Preloaded on single use inserter/dilator instrument for ease of insertion.


FCI PROLONG® Dx temporary punctal plugs are indicated for the diagnosis of dry eye and for assessing the effectiveness of permanent punctal occlusion. Dissolve within five days.   Variety pack: 6 plugs per packet – 3 packets of 0.2 mm, 3 packets of 0.3 mm, 4 packets of 0.4 mm (60 total)  


FCI PROLONG® temporary punctal plugs are used by physicians when treating dry eye conditions and post-surgical dry eye symptoms with various ocular surface disease. The sterile, 2 mm plugs absorb within 90 days.


FCI PROLONG® + temporary punctal plugs are indicated for use in the treatment of Dry Eye syndrome as a result of seasonal allergies, eye related surgery, or contact lens wear. Synthetic absorbable plugs provide extended temporary relief of dry eye symptoms. The plug is inserted into the punctal opening to block tear drainage through the […]

Preloaded Punctal Plugs FCI EXCLUSIVE

FCI’s Preloaded Punctal Plugs are “ready set” plugs used for punctal occlusion. The Preloaded plugs conform to the natural anatomy of the eyelid with ultra-thin, medical-grade silicone collarettes for maximum patient comfort. For ease of use, these preloaded punctal plugs are pre-loaded on a disposable inserter/dilator device and are easily removed with forceps.    

Non-Sterile Plugs FCI EXCLUSIVE

FCI’ s Non-Sterile Punctal Plugs are “ready set” plugs pre-mounted on a wheel for quick and easy loading onto a plug inserter for punctal occlusion procedures.      

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