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For decades FCI has developed a wide range of retina products including laser probes, vitreoretinal instruments, vitrectomy lenses, backflush and cannulas.

Medical Retina

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a condition that affects the blood vessels of the macula leading to a loss of the central vision. There are two types of AMD: the dry AMD which is progressive, irreversible & cannot be treated, and the wet AMD which is more rapid, severe & requires injections of anti-VEGF drugs to reduce the development of abnormal blood vessels. With this in mind, FCI Precision Intravitreal Injection Assistant – Precivia® – simplifies intravitreal injections by making the procedure faster and more predictable. It also ensures a safer injection procedure and eliminates the need of speculum, caliper or pressure plate.


Surgical Retina

Retinal detachment is an important cause of decreased visual acuity and blindness. It occurs when the retina separates from the vitreous. As we age, the vitreous thins, provoking tractions on the retina. These tractions can create a tear or a hole in the retina, allowing the vitreous to passes through and gets under it. FCI has strongly reinforced its product portfolio in retinal surgery with a complete range of new products and innovative devices to provide you with the best and the most comprehensive solutions to meet your needs.

FCI silicone oil is purified in our manufacturing site thanks to our exclusive vacuum molecular distillation & purification method

FCI has doubled its Vitreoretinal offer in less than 5 years with unique and new innovative devices

FCI adjustable laser probe has a perfect 90° angulation

Vitreoretinal Products

FCI's expertise and experience lead to the inclusion of the Precivia® injection assistant device, RetiLock® trocar cannula system, APX 200 pupil expander, and 90° Adjustable laser probe in our Vitreoretinal line.

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