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For decades FCI has developed a wide range of retina products including laser probes, vitreoretinal instruments, vitrectomy lenses, backflush and cannulas.

FCI is proud to present the 90° Adjustable laser probe

This exclusive design allows you to change the angle of curvature from 0 to 90° with a simple press of its handle. It is also compatible with most laser machines and available in 23 and 25 Ga.



Enhancing your view of the surgical site: trocar cannula systemvitrectomy lensespupil expander and chandelier.



Offering an array of devices to meet your needs: laser and laser illumination probesvitreoretinal instrumentsbackflush and cannulas.



Enabling you to manage alternative retinal detachment surgery with scleral buckling components: bands, strips, sponges and tires.


Painless Punctal Plug [called “SnugPlug” in the USA – Ed] has a high retention rate with the following benefits, it has one-size, fitted for small to medium puncta; extended round end which made prior dilation unnecessary and once inserted, the soft round bulb fits snugly inside the punctum preventing plug loss. “


Reynaldo M. Javate, MD
Orbit Volume 35 Issue 3, May 2016

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