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Description :

Precivia® is a single use device that simplifies* intravitreal injections. Its special design ensures a fast,
accurate and predictable procedure.*
Precivia® presents a guide tube accurately oriented to ensure a fixed injection angle of 28°, a fixed distance at 3.5 mm from the limbus, and a controlled depth.

Precivia® ensures a safer injection procedure that eliminates the need of speculum, caliper or pressure plate.

After preparing the patient for the procedure, the Precivia® is carefully placed on the patient’s eye with the positioning line on the limbus. By gently pushing down and rotating the Precivia® device, the eye is stabilized so the patient feels an anesthetic effect due to the pressure, and cannot see the needle coming. After removing the needle, a rotation post-injection replaces the conjunctiva and seals the injection hole.

Main characteristics :

• Eliminates unnecessary instruments
• Assures accuracy
• Relaxes patients
• Prevents leakage
• Compatible with commonly used anti-VEGF drugs
• Single use, sterile
• Box of 25

¹Registered trademark of Genentech Inc. ²Registred trademark of Bayer AG. *Please verify the medical use of Avastin® with your local authorities.


S5.200.I Precivia® for Avastin®¹* Box of 25
S5.200.P Precivia® for Lucentis®¹ & Eylea®² Box of 25

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