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The comprehensive treatment of nasolacrimal duct obstruction and stenosis is FCI Ophthalmics’ core business. As a world leader in the R&D of lacrimal devices we provide bicanalicular and monocalicular stents and tubes.

LACRIJET®, FIRST Preloaded & Self-Retaining Monocanalicular Nasolacrimal Intubation

LACRIJET® is FCI’s latest, exclusive, preloaded, and self-retaining monocanalicular nasolacrimal intubation indicated for epiphora, congenital nasolacrimal duct obstruction and canalicular laceration.

It consists of a single use injector handpiece into which a silicone tube is preloaded inside a metallic guide. LacriJet® has been specifically designed to reduce operating time in both the intubation phase and the removal of the device.

FCI Nunchaku®

FCI Nunchaku® is a pushed bicanalicular intubation stent that acts like a conformer, allowing tears to be drained by capillarity. The metallic guides are located inside the lumen, not as an extension of the stent as in conventional intubation sets. Therefore, no nasal retrieval is needed.


Offering a number of lacrimal stents and tubes for a wide range of bicanalicular and monocanalicular intubations.



Enabling you to perform complicated canalicular repair with confidence with the Mini Monoka, Ritleng®, and Self-Threading Monoka.



Enhancing your surgical approach with innovative devices such as StopLoss™ Jones TubesOphtaCath®, and Nunchaku®.


From a technical perspective, pushed nasolacrimal intubation is much simpler than the traditional pulled types of nasolacrimal intubation. The anesthetic procedure required is the same as that for a late probing procedure, but the functional results are better. “


Bernard Fayet – designer of the Masterka® and Monoka®
J Fr Ophtalmol., November 2011

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