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FCI Ophthalmics is dedicated to helping physicians provide both surgical and non-surgical solutions, including eyelid implants and external eyelid weights, for the treatment of eyelid difficulties such lagophthalmos and ptosis.

Discover the Ptose-Up for ptosis repair

Ptosis strips from FCI Ophthalmics have been developed to provide frontalis suspension in patients with significant ptosis and poor levator functioning. The Ptose-Up is easy to place and adjust, and provides an excellent eyelid contour. It can also be removed if necessary.



Offering an array of materials, sizes, and colors to meet your patients needs



Enabling you to manage ptosis repair with the innovative treatment method of Ptose-up



Improving your patient’s lives with easy-to-apply OCULID® External Eyelid Weights


External eyelid weights are (…) underutilised in practice and this article aims to highlight the simplicity of use and application. The device can be implemented without specialist oculoplastic involvement and would add a dimension of independence to the management of facial palsy. “


Shu-Hong Chang MD & Costas Papageorgiou MD
Poster “The role of external eyelid weights in acute facial palsy” – ESOPRS in Athens, September 2016

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