Ocular Shield

The ocular shield is a protective eye shield for conventional lid surgery. Sterile, disposable Box of 1

ULTRAPLUG™ Extended Wear Absorbable Plugs

Inserted into the punctal opening to block tear drainage through the canaliculus, synthetic absorbable plugs provide extended temporary relief of dry eye symptoms. Sterile, disposable 2 plugs per packet / 10 packets per box (20 total)


• To use with all Ritleng® lacrimal intubation systems • Stainless steel • Non-sterile, Reusable

Mesh-Wrapped Bioceramic Implants FCI EXCLUSIVE

Mesh-wrapped bioceramic implants are made of porous, strong, non-brittle biomaterial alumina. These unique structures for vascularization and integration are bioinert, nontoxic, and nonallergenic. The vicryl mesh wrapping incorporated in this type of orbital implant allows the muscles to be sutured directly to the implant. Furthermore, the extensive pore system of FCI mesh-wrapped implants enhances fibrovascular […]

Crawford Intubation Set

• Stainless steel probe with non-traumatic rounded olive tip • To use with the Crawford hook (S1.1275) for endonasal retrieval of the probe • Medical grade silicone • Sterile

Egg-Shaped Bioceramic Implants FCI EXCLUSIVE

Egg-shaped Bioceramic Implants provide an improved structure for vascularization and integration that is biocompatible, bioinert, nontoxic, and nonallergenic. Bioceramic orbital implants are stable, easily handled, and less sticky than other alternatives. These orbital implants can be inserted easily into the orbital socket and do not cling to surrounding tissue. The improved connectivity that occurs between […]


Ophtacath® is a lacrimal duct balloon catheter kit indicated for the dilation of an obstructed nasolacrimal duct. It consists of a semi-flexible stainless stylet covered by a tubing and finished by a Nylon Polyn® balloon. The balloon catheter works with a disposable inflation system to dilate the obstructed nasolacrimal duct, effectively treating the symptoms of […]

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