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SnugPlug™ | Permanent Punctum Plug | Step-by-step Procedure

Vignette SnugPlug™ | Permanent Punctum Plug | Step-by-step Procedure

SnugPlug™ is the ultimate result of FCI extensive research on dry eye syndrome. It is an innovative and exclusive punctum plug that eliminates the need for sizing and simplifies stocking. Additionally, SnugPlug™ relieves the discomfort associated with dry eye syndrome simply, quickly, effectively & durably and greatly improves the patients quality of life.

FCI Oculoplastics Catalog

Vignette FCI Oculoplastics Catalog

Since its inception in 1984, the ability to understand, anticipate and respond to the oculoplastic research has resulted in FCI’s strong portfolio of globally recognized products. FCI offers innovative solutions essential in the treatment of dry eye, lacrimal, eyelid, and orbit indications.

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