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Vignette Precivia®

Precivia® simplifies intravitreal injections by making the procedure faster and more predictable. Its unique design presents a guide tube accurately oriented to ensure a fixed injection angle of 28°, a fixed distance at 3.5 mm from the limbus, and a controlled depth.

FCI Vitreoretinal Catalog

Vignette FCI Vitreoretinal Catalog

FCI has a wide range of retina products including laser probes, vitreoretinal instruments, vitrectomy lenses, backflush and cannulas.

FCI Super Grip Forceps Flyer

Vignette FCI Super Grip Forceps Flyer

FCI Super Grip Forceps are specially designed to grasp the fibrous membranes that are difficult to catch with traditional instruments. A 360° actuation handle provides easy and precise maneuverability.

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