Egg-shaped Bioceramic Implants provide an improved structure for vascularization and integration that is biocompatible, bioinert, nontoxic, and nonallergenic. Bioceramic orbital implants are stable, easily handled, and less sticky than other alternatives.

These orbital implants can be inserted easily into the orbital socket and do not cling to surrounding tissue. The improved connectivity that occurs between pores enhances vascularization, and the implants may be easily drilled without crumbling.

Sterile, disposable

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  • For enucleation, evisceration or secondary implantation
  • More biocompatible: rapid and complete fibrovascularization
  • Easy to handle and insert: less sticky, no velcro effect
  • Low tissue reaction and low exposure rate
  • Porous, strong, non-brittle, stable, and light weight
  • 99% pure Aluminum Oxide
  • Porosity range: 200-550 μm



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S6.5330u Egg-shaped Bioceramic Implant18 mm
S6.5340u Egg-shaped Bioceramic Implant20 mm

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