Surgical Retina



FCI Chandelier is indicated for challenging cases that require bimanual instrumentation. Single use, sterile Box of 10

Light Connectors

FCI reusable light connectors are necessary for using Laser Illumination Probes and/or Light Probes. FCI Laser Illumination Probes and Light Probes come with a 19 Ga universal needle, that has to be inserted into the reusable Light Connector. Once this is done, the connector is then plugged into the light source socket of the vitrectomy […]

Silicone Fixation Sleeves

Scleral Buckles are indicated for retinal detachment repair. The aim of these extra ocular implants is to reestablish anatomic proximity of the detached retina to the underlying tissues. FCI medical grade silicone implants for scleral buckling have been used in retinal detachment surgery throughout the world with great success for several decades. Single use, sterile […]

90° Adjustable Laser Probes

FCI is proud to present its latest laser probe. Just by pressing the handle, the angle of curvature can be changed from 0 to 90 degrees. When the handle is released, the probe returns to its straight position for a safe removal. At all times, a low pressure is needed to actuate the handle and […]

Watzke Forceps

Watzke Forceps are used to slide a fixation sleeve onto a band. These forceps are reusable and made of stainless steel. Non-sterile, reusable Box of 1

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