Single Use 3-Mirror Lens


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Description :

The 3-mirror lens allows direct examination of the retina at the slit-lamp and makes the BIOM use unnecessary. It can be used both in the operating room and in the consulting office.

The 3-mirror lens provides a high resolution visualization for observing the posterior pole, the fundus, the peripheral retina and the vitreous body.

Sterile, disposable

Box of 5

Main characteristics :

Box of 5

Image magnification 0.93x
Made of PMMA

Retinal Visualization Zones

• Zone 1: Lens for observing the posterior pole up to 30°
• Zone 2: 75°inclined mirror for observing the fundus above the 30°mark
• Zone 3: 67°inclined mirror for observing the peripheral retina
• Zone 4: 59°inclined mirror for observing the vitreous body and the areas of the fundus alongside the ora serrata, as well as for gonioscopic examinations.


S5.8000 3-Mirror Lens PMMA Box of 1

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