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Description :

FCI’s fiber optic or light probes feature an ergonomic non-slip handle for improved maneuverability during vitreoretinal surgery. Focus, widefield and shielded widefield tips are available in 20, 23, 25 and 27Ga.

Thanks to a unique design with a universal 19 Ga needle, fiber optic probes are compatible with most integrated light sources in combination with a reusable light connector.

Single use, sterile

Box of 10

Main characteristics :

• Ergonomic non-slip handpiece design
• Available in 20, 23, 25, and 27 Ga
• Convenient 2.5 m long fibers
• Unique design with universal 19 Ga needle, to be inserted into a reusable light connector



S9.2001.20 Light Probes Focus 20 Ga Box of 10
S9.2101.20 Light Probes Widefield 20 Ga Box of 10
S9.2201.20 Light Probes Shielded Widefield 20 Ga Box of 10
S9.2001.23 Light Probes Focus 23 Ga Box of 10
S9.2101.23 Light Probes Widefield 23 Ga Box of 10
S9.2201.23 Light Probes Shielded Widefield 23 Ga Box of 10
S9.2001.25 Light Probes Focus 25 Ga Box of 10
S9.2101.25 Light Probes Widefield 25 Ga Box of 10
S9.2201.25 Light Probes Shielded Widefield 25 Ga Box of 10
S9.2001.27 Light Probes Focus 27 Ga Box of 10

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