Single Use Trocar Cannula Systems

RetiLock offers an exclusive and patented design for both routine and complex vitrectomy procedures. Its cannula presents an autostable ring of increased diameter, designed to sit on the inner aspect of the pars plana. The beauty of this design is to increase the stability and decrease the risk of cannula dislocation during complex cases with […]

Single Use Backflush with T-Tube™

Backflush handpieces are ready-to-use and feature a black silicone tip for improved visibility during vitreoretinal surgery. All are convertible from passive to active aspiration thanks to a removable and replaceable plug on the handle. Additionally, its large reservoir offers a maximum reflux volume. Backflush handpieces are available in 20, 23, 25, and 27 Ga with […]

Single Use Cannulas with T-Tube™

FCI disposable cannulas feature black silicone tips for better visibility during surgery. They are available in 20, 23, 25 and 27 Ga with several tips design: blunt tip, brush tip, soft tip, dual bore tip and sub-retinal tip. They fit with any reusable backflush handles or can be directly connected to the aspiration tubing as […]

Single Use Vitrectomy Lenses

Single use vitrectomy lenses provide a high-resolution visualization of the posterior pole and the fundus. It is available in several sight fields: the planoconcave lens for macular examination, the 30° degree prismatic lens for peripheral examination of the retina, and the biconcave lens to watch the retina during emulsification. Our vitrectomy lenses are either silicone […]

Single Use 3-Mirror Lens

The 3-Mirror Lens allows direct examination of the retina at the slit-lamp and makes the BIOM use unnecessary. It can be used both in the operating room and in the consulting office. The inclined mirror is used for observing the posterior pole, the fundus, the peripheral retina and the vitreous body. Sterile, single-use  

Iris Retractors FCI EXCLUSIVE

Iris retractors stabilize the iris during cataract and retina surgery. Sterile, reusable, or single use Box of 1 or 5 sets

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