Single Use Trocar Cannula Systems


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Description :

RetiLock offers an exclusive and patented design for both routine and complex vitrectomy procedures. Its cannula presents an autostable ring of increased diameter, designed to sit on the inner aspect of the pars plana. The beauty of this design is to increase the stability and decrease the risk of cannula dislocation during complex cases with multiple instrument exchanges.

Additionally the RetiLock presents an ultra-sharp knife for a smooth and high precision incision. Another feature is the texture of the handle which provides a stable grip of the trocar, effective even if it is wet.

Single use, sterile

Box of 5 sets

Main characteristics :

• Exclusive and patented design for optimum stability of the cannula
• Ready-to-use for a one-step insertion
3 and 4 mm scleral marker
• Ultra-sharp knife for smooth and high precision incision
• Cone-shaped cannula to make the insertion of instruments easier
• Supplied with a 23 Ga or 25 Ga infusion line compatible with BSS, gas and silicone oil


• 3 trocar cannulas mounted on ultra sharp knives
• 1 infusion line
• Transparent silicone valve and cone-shaped cannula for •easy insertion of instruments


• 3 trocar cannulas mounted on ultra sharp knives
• 1 infusion line
• Cone-shaped cannula for easy insertion of instruments
• 3 plugs: compatible with standard forceps such as Paufique and Bonn forceps


S9.7000.23 Retilock® Non-Valved Cannulas 23 Ga Box of 5 sets
S9.7100.23 23 Ga Box of 5 sets
S9.7000.25 25 Ga Retilock® Non-Valved Cannulas Box of 5 sets
S9.7100.25 25 Ga Retilock® Valved Cannulas Box of 5 sets


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