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FCI NUNCHAKU® is a pushed silicone self-retaining bicanalicular nasolacrimal intubation stent that acts like a conformer, allowing tears to drain by capillarity. The metallic guides are located inside the lumen, not as an extension of the stent as in conventional intubation sets. Therefore, no nasal retrieval is needed.


Ophtacath® is a lacrimal duct balloon catheter kit indicated for the dilation of an obstructed nasolacrimal duct. It consists of a semi-flexible stainless stylet covered by a tubing and finished by a Nylon Polyn® balloon. The balloon catheter works with a disposable inflation system to dilate the obstructed nasolacrimal duct, effectively treating the symptoms of […]

The Wide/Medium Collarette Monoka® FCI EXCLUSIVE

The Wide/Medium Collarette Monoka® stent is securely anchored at the punctum by the plug. No knots or sutures are necessary. Sterile Box of 3


The Mono-Crawford has a non-traumatic rounded olive tip and a single plug that anchors the lacrimal stent at the punctum.

Self-Threading Monoka® FCI EXCLUSIVE

This highly effective Self-Threading Monoka is designed for use in canalicular stenosis procedures and is securely anchored at the punctum by the plug. No knots or sutures are necessary. The procedure, same as Ritleng bicanalicular intubation, involves inserting the hollow Ritleng Probe into the nasolacrimal duct and feeding a thin PEEK thread guide through it. […]


Masterka® is a unique combination of punctum plug with a preloaded lacrimal duct stent. It is indicated for congenital nasolacrimal duct obstructions that are resistant to probing. Unlike the traditional “pulled” technique the Masterka® has no metallic probe or suture attached to it and, therefore, it is not pulled out of the nose. Instead, Masterka® […]


LacriJet® is FCI’s latest and exclusive preloaded & self-retaining monocanalicular nasolacrimal intubation indicated for epiphora, congenital nasolacrimal duct obstruction and canalicular laceration. It consists of a single use injector handpiece into which a silicone tube is preloaded inside a metallic guide. LacriJet® has been specifically designed to reduce operating time, either in the intubation phase […]


The Mini Monoka® stent is securely anchored at the punctum by the plug. No knots or sutures are necessary. FCI Ophthalmics has designed Mini Monoka stents to effectively treat canalicular lacerations involving the external 2/3 of one canaliculus.  

Reusable Double Dilator FCI EXCLUSIVE

Reusable double dilator includes fine and medium tapers.

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