For quick and easy loading onto a plug inserter for punctal occlusion procedures, Ready-Set punctum plugs from FCI Ophthalmics are pre-mounted on a wheel.

Non-sterile, disposable

  • Medical grade silicone
  • All wheels are packaged with 2 inserters
  • 24 plugs per box, 2 inserters, 1 wheel

Variety Pack: 6 plugs of each size (0.4, 0.5, 0.6 ,0.7 mm)



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S2.3324uNon-Sterile Plugs, Slim Plugs0.4 mmSlim Mini
S2.3424uNon-Sterile Plugs, Slim Plugs0.5 mmSlim Petite
S2.3524uNon-Sterile Plugs, Slanted Collarette Plugs0.6 mmMicro
S2.3724uNon-Sterile Plugs, Slanted Collarette Plugs0.7 mmMini
S2.3624uNon-Sterile Plugs, Variety PackAssorted6 plugs each size

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