The Morcher pupil dilator is a semi-circular elastic PMMA ring for the expansion of the pupil during phacoemulsification. For patients who have cataracts and contracted pupils or floppy iris syndrome, this is the optimal temporary implant.

Important Note: The pupil dilator should be implanted only with viscoelastic for protection of the corneal endothelium.

Sterile, disposable

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  • Semi-circular elastic ring for expansion of the pupil during phacoemulsification
  • Optimal temporary implant for contracted pupils or floppy iris syndrome
  • May be inserted manually or with the Geuder Pupil Dilator Injector
  • PMMA


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MR-5SType 5S5-6 mm pupil size7.5 mm overall diameter & 0.15-0.60/0.90 mm thickness

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