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Description :

Designed by Richard J. MacKool, M.D.

FCI is the exclusive distributor of the MacKool Cataract Support System which provides capsular support during cataract surgery. It anchors the capsule to the scleral wall and stabilizes the entire equator of the capsular bag during phaco and cortex removal, especially in cases of absent or weak zonules. Mackool Cataract Support hooks slide around the rhexis edge and support the peripheral capsular fornix. Significantly different from iris retractors, Mackool hooks have blunt distal ends and are elongated to support the fornix and not tear the rhexis. Indications include floppy iris syndrome and contracted pupils.



Main characteristics :


  • Easy insertion through limbal incision
  • Simple removal through insertion incision or primary phaco incision
  • Gentle contact points
  • Longer than iris retractors, polished ends
  • Direct and level capsular bag tension
  • Helps prevent torqueing of bag during nucleus rotation
  • Provide rotational stability and anterior-posterior support
  • Helps delay placing CTR until cortex is removed
  • Will not complicate cortical clean up
  • Flexible, nylon hooks
  • 2 mm hook return
  • 2 angulated regions, places distal end
    in a parallel plane to the capsule
  • Adjustable silicone retainer tabs
  • Includes disposable stab knife
  • Sterile


MH-1005 Mackool Cataract Support System Set of 5


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