KITARO® Cataract Surgical Training Kits


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Description :

KITARO® Surgical Training Kits are revolutionary training systems for phaco surgery in routine and complex cases. KITARO® Kits are created with both the beginner and advanced surgeon in mind for the meticulous simulation of the different stages of cataract surgery. Using a dry lab or wet lab environment, new surgeons can practice techniques repeatedly, without the added complication of long preparation times and costly live tissue samples. Advanced surgeons can practice the challenges of managing complex cataract cases that require more experience to master.

Practice Makes Perfect!



The KITARO® textbook The Secrets to Phaco Mastery Revealed  is designed as a key tool that goes hand-in-hand with KITARO® kits. Authored in part by KITARO® Inventor Junsuke Akura, M.D., Ph.D., mastering cataract surgery is summarized in 30 points and 10 categories. Sensory manipulations not typically taught have been analyzed and explained.

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