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As a world leader in the development of cataract surgery devices, FCI Ophthalmics has worked with reputable manufacturers. 

From CTRs to the APX 200, you can trust FCI to be your complete supplier.

The widest range of options for your patients

FCI offers a full range of MORCHER® capsular tension rings (CTRs). They come either pre-loaded on an EyeJet® or unloaded.

FCI is proud to present the APX 200 Pupil Expander

APX 200 is a pupil expander that provides surgeons with an effective pupil dilation, comfortable surgical performance and a high safety profile, in eyes with small pupils or floppy iris (IFIS). FCI Ophthalmics is the sole distributer of this device in the USA.


Enabling you to manage compromised zonular integrity with Capsular Tension Rings (CTRs)


Offering an array of pre-loaded CTRs on the Eyejet disposable injector 


Practicing and teaching cataract surgery with Kitaro kits: Dry/Wet Lab or Complex Lab

CTR has many indications - Among other benefits, the capsular tension ring can reduce the incidence of intraoperative complications.

- Lisa B. Arbisser, MD -

Ocular Surgery News U.S. Edition, July 1, 2002

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