ISOCLEAN™ Forceps and Scissors


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Main characteristics :

• Low pressure needed to actuate the handle,
non-metallic bushing design
• Through-lumen for cleaning,
infusion/aspiration of fluids
• One-piece-tip reacts to every
movement of handle
• The handle is round when the instrument
is fully closed, no dead space
• Maximum grasping power of 100 grams
• Sharp edges at end of instrument
and radiused edges at back from tip
• Large grasping surfaces
• Extra-long shafts for high myopic eyes
• Gold tips on forceps
• Supplied in an autoclavable tray
• Built to order
• Moving tube instead of moving tip. Tips do not
move away from the retina when they close
• 32 mm shaft length
• Reusable and repairable
• Smooth actuation
• Reusable


VF4005-20G NanoTapered™ Awh, Gold Forceps 20
VF4005-23G NanoTapered™ Awh, Gold Forceps 23
VF4005-25G NanoTapered™ Awh, Gold Forceps 25
VF4010-20G NanoTapered™ Curved ILM, Gold Forceps 20
VF4010-23G NanoTapered™ Curved ILM, Gold Forceps 23
VF4010-25G NanoTapered™ Curved ILM, Gold Forceps 25
VF4014-20G Tano Asymmetrical ILM, Gold Forceps 20
VF4014-23G Tano Asymmetrical ILM, Gold Forceps 23
VF4014-25G Tano Asymmetrical ILM, Gold Forceps 25
VF4019-20G Maculorhexis Forceps 20
VF4019-23G Maculorhexis Forceps 23
VF4019-25G Maculorhexis Forceps 25
VS5006-20G Curved Horizontal Scissors 20
VS5006-23G Curved Horizontal Scissors 23
VS5006-25G Curved Horizontal Scissors 25
VS5101-20 Vertical Scissors 20
VS5101-23 Vertical Scissors 23
VS5101-25 Vertical Scissors 25

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