Disposable Holekamp Drip Droppers™


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Main characteristics :

• Controlled injection of fluid
• Fluted option for passive aspiration with a tactile indicator over the flute hole
• Black Silicone™ tips for better visibility
• T-Tube™ for easy insertion into the trocar cannula and protection of the tip
• Available in 23 Ga, 25 Ga, 27 Ga
• Sterile, box of 5


DV1200-23 Soft tip 23
DV1200-25 Soft tip 25
DV1200-23F Soft tip, Fluted 23
DV1200-25F Soft tip, Fluted 25
DV1214-23 DDST 23
DV1214-25 DDST 25
DV1214-23F DDST, Fluted 23
DV1214-25F DDST, Fluted 25
DVC1700-23 Blunt tip 23
DVC1700-25 Blunt tip 25
DVC1700-27 Blunt tip 27
DVC1700-23F Blunt tip, Fluted 23
DVC1700-25F Blunt tip, Fluted 25
DVC1700-27F Blunt tip, Fluted 27


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