FCI Ophthalmics distributes Sharpoint microsurgical knives and sutures in the USA. Surgical Specialties Corporation specializes in the design and manufacturing of high performance, surgical knives and wound closure products and have done so for over 40 years. 

Sharpoint Ophthalmic Products

We offer the full range of Sharpoint ophthalmic products. Find your microsurgical knives, sutures, and trephines in one place.

NEW Sharpoint CC3D+ Knife

Ultra Thin Blade

3D Micro Bevels

ALL SHARPOINT knives & instruments on SALE!!!

Applicable to all knives such as the double edge LRI knives or the SharpGuard™ knives, and the entire SOLO™ line.

Buy one, get one free of equal or lesser value, while supplies last.

Questions about the Sharpoint Ophthalmic products?

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