Thinprofile™ Eyelid Weights


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Description :

Thinprofile™ Eyelid Implants feature a sleek surface, anatomically friendly with tapered edges
and smoothly rounded corners. This allows the implant to conform to the surface curvature of the
eye, offering superior cosmesis and patient satisfaction.

Main characteristics :

• Indicated for the treatment of the functional defects of lagophthalmos resulting from facial paralysis
• 40% thinner than Contour™
• Platinum weight range from 0.6 grams to 1.8 grams
• Platinum has a smaller profile than gold because density
of platinum is 11% higher than gold.
• 1.0 mm suture holes
• Gold weight range from 0.6 grams to 1.6 grams
• Non-sterile
• Box of 1
Required: Prior sizing. See Tantalum Eyelid Weight Sizing Sets
TEW 7000 or TEW 7004 – See page 30


S3.3006 Tapered Eyelid Implants 0.6 g Gold box of 1
S3.3008 Tapered Eyelid Implants 0.8 g Gold box of 1
S3.3010 Tapered Eyelid Implants 1.0 g Gold box of 1
S3.3012 Tapered Eyelid Implants 1.2 g Gold box of 1
S3.3014 Tapered Eyelid Implants 1.4 g Gold box of 1
S3.3016 Tapered Eyelid Implants 1.6 g Gold box of 1
S3.3018 Tapered Eyelid Implants 1.8 g Gold box of 1
S3.3020 Tapered Eyelid Implants 2.0 g Gold box of 1

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