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If necessary the StopLoss Jones Tube can be removed by using this unique removal tool. The set consists of a metal rod with a loop silk suture and guide-wire. 

The external flange of the tube is lassoed with the silk suture, the shaft is twisted continuously until the silk is wound snugly around the flange. This twisting action will allow the silk to grip the tube. Carefully apply sustained traction on the external flange to remove tube safely without having to use forceps or hemostats.

Sterile, disposable

Box of 1 set

  • For a simple and non-traumatic removal of the StopLoss Jones Tube
  • The loop of the metal rod is placed around the tube to grip it and safely extract it
  • Set includes 1 metal rod and 1 guide-wire



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SLJT RTStopLoss™ Removal ToolIncludes: 1 metal rod and 1 guide-wire

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