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The StopLoss Introducer Set is required for the StopLoss Jones Tubes. It enables the surgeon to choose the most appropriate diameter and length of the StopLoss Jones Tube prior to insertion.

This set includes a guide wire with sharp and blunt ends, a detachable button cap, a dilator with narrow and broad ends and 4 dummy sizer tubes.

The 4 sizers include lengths of 15 and 20mm each at external flange diameters of 3.5 and 4 mm. Each have 5 rings at 1 mm increments from the internal distal tip. The dummy sizer tubes provide an accurate sizing of the StopLoss Jones Tube (both diameter of external flange and length of tube) to be determined prior to tube insertion.

Calculation for selecting the correct length StopLoss Jones Tube

  • Take the known length of the dummy tube being used (15 or 20mm)
  • Subtract the number of rings visible in the nose
  • Add four (for the necessary 2mm on each side of the internal silicone flange)
  • The resulting number is the correct length StopLoss Jones Tube to be used

Sterile, disposable

Box of 1 set

  • For choosing the most appropriate diameter and length of the StopLoss Jones Tube
  • Covers all standard Jones tube sizes
  • Allows a simple placement of the StopLoss Jones Tube thanks to the  guide wire with sharp and blunt ends
  • Included with a double-ended dilator to enlarge the passage



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SLJT ISStopLoss™ Introducer SetIncludes: 1 dilator, 4 sizers, 1 guide wire, 1 detachable end cap

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