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Advanced trephine blade technology provides an exquisitely sharp cutting edge to achieve the critical fit needed for successful cornea transplants.

Vitrectomy knives

Sharpoint™ vitrectomy knives create small, precise access incisions which virtually eliminate wound leaks around probes and other posterior segment instruments. 

Crescent Knives

The blade’s consistent sharpness of Sharptome™ Crescent and Mini-Crescent Knives virtually eliminates tissue drag and distortion.

Phaco Incision Knives

An extensive range of knives designed for precise incision in cataract surgical technique, including; single and double bevel slit knives, clear corneal knives.

Paracentesis Incision Knives

The most complete range of knives for ocular paracentesis (technique for removing cataract) including ClearPort™ Knives and Stab Knives.