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Disposable Backflush Handpieces

Backflush handpieces are ready-to-use and feature a black silicone tip for improved visibility during vitreoretinal surgery. All are convertible from passive to active aspiration.

Reusable Backflush Handles

The reusable backflush handles are available as passive or active aspiration system. They are made in titanium and can be used with any required cannulas (luer lock system).

Disposable Cannulas

Disposable cannulas feature black silicone tips for better visibility. Many tip designs are available: soft tip, brush tip, blunt tip, dual bore tip and subretinal tip.

Disposable Tano Polisher

The Tano polisher features a black silicone tip that maximizes the contrast against the retina during a neuroepithelial membrane polishing. The diamond dust ensures the least amount of shed particles in the eye.

Reusable Vitreoretinal Instrument Tips

Reusable Vitreoretinal Instrument Tips are stainless steel and available in 20, 23, and 25 Ga. All tips are supplied with a flushing adapter and fit with the one or two finger Control Handle (sold separately).

Reusable Vitreoretinal Handles

The reusable vitreoretinal handles are made of lightweight and durable titanium and are available as one or two finger actuation. The handles can be used with any reusable vitreoretinal instrument tips (sold separately).