An extensive range of knives designed for precise incision in cataract surgical technique, including; single and double bevel slit knives, clear corneal knives.

Slit Knives, Bevel-Up penetrate easily while creating an accurate width incision for optimal fit to the phacoemulsification tip.

Slit Knives, Double-Bevel create accurate width incisions easily with virtually no tissue drag or distortion.

Clear Corneal Knives, Double Bevel feature tapered facet cutting edges designed to compensate for corneal curvature, creating exact linear incisions. The unique thin blade design and consistent sharpness creates incisions with virtually no tissue drag or distortion. Patented incision width or depth indicators (1.5 mm, 1.75 mm, 2.0 mm) are visible on each blade.

Sterile, disposable

Box of 6

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SKUDescription Size 
 72-2761 Slit Knives - Full Handle2.75 mmAngled, Bevel-Up
72-2762Slit Knives - Blade/Tip Only2.75 mmAngled, Bevel-Up
 72-2961 Slit Knives - Full Handle3.0 mmAngled, Bevel-Up
 72-3261 Slit Knives - Full Handle3.2 mmAngled, Bevel-Up
 72-3262Slit Knives - Blade/Tip Only3.2 mmAngled, Bevel-Up
72-2431Slit Knives - Full Handle2.4 mmAngled, Double-Bevel
72-2831Slit Knives - Full Handle2.8 mmAngled, Double-Bevel
72-2663 Clear Corneal Knives - Full Handle2.65 mmAngled, Double-Bevel, Depth Indicators

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