The most complete range of knives for ocular paracentesis (technique for removing cataract) including Sharpoint™ ClearPort™ Knives and Stab Knives.

ClearPort™ Paracentesis Knives are designed to create consistent, accurate and self-sealing paracentesis incisions.

Stab Knives are heat-tempered to provide a strong, true point for easy penetration during initial stab incisions.

Sterile, disposable

Box of 6

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SKUDescription Size 
72-1501Stab Knives - Full Handle15° - Straight
72-1502Stab Knives - Blade/Tip Only15° - Straight
 78-2010 ClearPort™ Paracentesis Knives1.1 mm - Angled20 Ga Maximum Instrument Size
 78-2010 GClearPort™ Paracentesis Knives - Guarded Knives1.1 mm - Angled20 Ga Maximum Instrument Size

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