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OSMED self-inflating tissue expanders are made of a specially developed hydrogel that uses the osmotic principle to gain volume. 

These implants are indicated for the facilitation of normal growth of orbital soft tissues and bones to achieve proximate facial symmetry for the treatment of clinical anophthalmos and congenital microphthalmos, including post-enucleation socket syndrome.

After implantation, OSMED hydrogel implants start to absorb body fluid and grow consistently to a predefined form and volume. The increased volume of the implant – between 6 to 12 fold, depending on the product type – leads to an increase of soft tissue.

Sterile, disposable

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General benefits of the OSMED tissue expanders:

  • High biocompatibility
  • Similar hydrogel also used in soft contact lenses
  • Low risk of infection
  • Controlled hydrogel swelling
  • Does not use valves
  • Does not require inflation or deflation

Hemisphere (socket expander)

For the treatment of clinical anopthalmia, congenital microphthalmia and post-enucleation implantation to achieve proximate facial symmetry. 

  • Expansion of the conjunctival sac with clinical anophthalmia
  • Enlargement of the surface of the mucous membrane
  • Creation of a fold abutment / support for artificial eye prosthesis

OSM352-6090/P - drill hole is parallel

*In vitro in 0.9% NaCl-Sol.


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OSM352-6040HEMISPHERE (socket expander)0.4 ml0.06 ml / 6 mm (before swelling) - 0.4 ml / 11.2 mm (after swelling*)
OSM352-6090HEMISPHERE (socket expander)0.9 ml0.13 ml / 8 mm (before swelling) - 0.9 ml / 14.0 mm (after swelling*)
OSM352-6090/PHEMISPHERE (socket expander)0.9 ml/P0.13 ml / 8 mm (before swelling) - 0.9 ml / 14.0 mm (after swelling*)
OSM352-6150HEMISPHERE (socket expander)1.5 ml0.20 ml / 9 mm (before swelling) - 1.5 ml / 18.0 mm (after swelling*)
OSM352-6200HEMISPHERE (socket expander)2.0 ml0.28 ml / 10 mm (before swelling) - 2.0 ml / 20.0 mm (after swelling*)

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