FCI Exclusive

FCI light connectors are necessary for using Laser Illumination Probes or Fiber Optic Probes

FCI Laser Illumination Probes and Fiber Optic Probes come with a 19 Ga Universal Needle, making them compatible with any light source but only in combination with the proper light adapter. 

The 19 Ga needle is simply inserted in the light connector then both are plugged to the light source.

Non sterile, Reusable

The light connectors for Baush+Lomb™ Millenium®, Dorc, and Zeiss machines are currently not available.



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SKUDescription Packaging
S9.24.0ACompatible with Alcon® Accurus® & Constellation®Box of 1
S9.24.0DCompatible with Baush+Lomb™ Stellaris® PCBox of 1

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