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The InVitria® simplifies intravitreal injections by making the procedure faster and more predictable. Its unique design presents a guide tube accurately oriented to ensure a fixed injection angle of 28°, a fixed distance at 3.5 mm from the limbus, and a fixed 5.60 mm depth. 

The InVitria ensures a safer injection procedure that eliminates the need of speculum, caliper or pressure plate.

After preparing the patient for the procedure, the InVitria is carefully placed on the patient's eye with the positioning line on the limbus. By gently pushing down and rotating the InVitria device, the eye is stabilized so the patient feels an anesthetic effect due to the pressure, and cannot see the needle coming. After removing the needle, a rotation post-injection replaces the conjunctiva and seals the injection hole.

Sterile, disposable

Box of 25

  • Designed by Arnaldo Goncalves, M.D.
  • Eliminates unnecessary instruments
  • Assures accuracy
  • Relaxes patients
  • Prevents leakage
  • Compatible with popular anti-VEGF drugs


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MW-200-ICompatible with insulin-type cannulas and some safety needles such the BD U-100 and the B.Braun 30Ga needlesMakrolon 2458
MW-200-PCompatible with BD 30Ga 13 mm and B.Braun Sterican® 30Ga cannulas Makrolon 2458

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