Scleral Buckles are indicated for retinal detachment repair. The aim of these extra ocular implants is to reestablish anatomic proximity of the detached retina to the underlying tissues. 

FCI medical grade silicone implants for scleral buckling have been used in retinal detachment surgery throughout the world with great success for several decades.

Sterile, disposable

Box of 5

  • Soft and elastic
  • Biocompatible and nontoxic
  • Nonantigenic
  • Easily tailored to exact size
  • Wide range of shapes available


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SKUDescription Size 
S5.2305uTireType 27790 mm
S5.2335uTireType 279110 mm
S5.2295uAsymmetrical TireType 27690 mm
S5.2345uAsymmetrical TireType 280120 mm
S5.2315uBiconvex TireType 28790 mm
S5.2325uBiconvex TireType 289120 mm

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