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Ptose-Up FCI Exclusive

Ptose-Up provides frontalis suspension for patients with significant ptosis and poor levator functioning. It is easy to place and adjust, and provides excellent eyelid contour. 

Ptosis Sling

The Ptosis sling allows physicians to provide a highly effective treatment for ptosis with frontalis suspension.

Contour™ Eyelid Weights

The Contour™ Eyelid Weights are indicated for the treatment of the functional defects of lagophthalmos. These implants are available in either 99.99% pure gold or platinum.

Thinprofile™ Eyelid Weights

Implantable eyelid weights are used for the treatment of lagophthalmos. Thinprofile eyelid implants are 40 percent thinner than the original Contour™ eyelid implants. 

Ocular Shield

The ocular shield is a protective eye shield for conventional lid surgery. It comes with a suction cup for ease of placement and removal.