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SnugPlug™ FCI Exclusive

One size fits all punctum plug that eliminates sizing and simplifies stocking. Its pre-stretched shape on the inserter avoids the need for dilation and facilitates insertion.

Preloaded Punctal Plugs® FCI Exclusive

With an ultra-thin collarette the Ready-Set punctum plug provides patient comfort as it conforms to the natural anatomy of the eyelid.

Non-Sterile Plugs

For quick and easy loading onto a plug inserter for punctal occlusion procedures, Ready-Set punctum plugs from FCI Ophthalmics are pre-mounted on a wheel.

Tearsaver Plugs

The tapered shaft design helps to anchor the plug securely in the punctum for more comfort and less risk of rub-out.

PVP Perforated Plugs

These plugs are coated with a thin layer of polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) that makes the surface slick to prevent debris from collecting on its surface and to enhance drainage.

Temporary Collagen Plugs

These temporary collagen punctal plugs help diagnose dry eye and assess the effectiveness of permanent punctal occlusion.