The Tano polisher features a black silicone tip that maximizes the contrast against the retina during a neuroepithelial membrane polishing. The diamond dust ensures the least amount of shed particles in the eye. 

The Tano polisher, in 23 and 25 Ga, also has a sliding T-Tube™ that protects the tip and ensures an easy insertion into a valved trocar. 

Color coding on the handle facilitates the size identification of the 20, 23, and 25 Ga.

Sterile, disposable
Box of 5

  • Black diamonds and black silicone tip for better visibility 
  • Real diamond dust 
  • T-Tube™ (23 and 25 Ga) 

  • Color coding for easy identification 

  • Available in 20, 23, and 25 Ga


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SKUDescriptionSize Packaging
S9.6016.20 Tano Polisher 20 Ga Box of 5
S9.6016.23Tano Polisher 23 Ga with T-Tube™Box of 5
S9.6016.25Tano Polisher 25 Ga with T-Tube™Box of 5

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