The Contour™ Eyelid Weights from FCI Ophthalmics are indicated for the treatment of the functional defects of lagophthalmos. These implants are available in either gold or platinum.

Sterile, disposable

Box of 1

  • Rapid recovery after operation and excellent tolerance
  • Excellent functional and aesthetic results
  • 1.0 mm thickness, 5.0 mm width
  • Standard and special sizes
  • Weight range from 0.6 to 2.8 grams



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SKUDescriptionSize Material
LL 3006Standard size 0.6 grams7.6 mm lengthGold Implants
LL 3008Standard size 0.8 grams10.2 mm lengthGold Implants
LL 3010Standard size 1.0 grams12.3 mm lengthGold Implants
LL 3012Standard size 1.2 grams14.5 mm lengthGold Implants
LL 3014Standard size 1.4 grams16.6 mm lengthGold Implants
LL 3016Standard size1.6 grams18.8 mm lengthGold Implants
LL 3018Standard size 1.8 grams21.0 mm lengthGold Implants
LL 3020Special size (custom order) 2.0 grams23.1 mm lengthGold Implants
LL 3022Special size (custom order) 2.2 grams25.2 mm lengthGold Implants
LL 3024Special size (custom order) 2.4 grams27.3 mm lengthGold Implants
LL 3026Special size (custom order) 2.6 grams29.4 mm lengthGold Implants
LL 3028Special size (custom order) 2.8 grams31.5 mm lengthGold Implants
LL 5006Standard size 0.6 grams7.6 mm lengthPlatinum Implants
LL 5008Standard size 0.8 grams10.2 mm lengthPlatinum Implants
LL 5010Standard size 1.0 grams12.3 mm lengthPlatinum Implants
LL 5012Standard size 1.2 grams14.5 mm lengthPlatinum Implants
LL 5014Standard size 1.4 grams16.6 mm lengthPlatinum Implants
LL 5016Standard size 1.6 grams18.8 mm lengthPlatinum Implants
LL 5018Standard size 1.8 grams21.0 mm lengthPlatinum Implants
LL 5020Special size (custom order) 2.0 grams23.1 mm lengthPlatinum Implants
LL 5022Special size (custom order) 2.2 grams25.2 mm lengthPlatinum Implants
LL 5024Special size (custom order) 2.4 grams27.3 mm lengthPlatinum Implants
LL 5026Special size (custom order) 2.6 grams29.4 mm lengthPlatinum Implants
LL 5028Special size (custom order) 2.8 grams31.5 mm lengthPlatinum Implants

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