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KITARO® Combo Kit FCI Exclusive

With the KITARO® kits, beginner and advanced surgeons can practice techniques repeatedly without long preparation times and costly live tissue samples. 

KITARO® Easy Eye FCI Exclusive

The KITARO® Easy Eye gives the surgeons the ability to practice techniques and procedures repeatedly with realistic synthetic materials.


MORCHER® Capsular Tension Rings (CTRs) convert complex cataract cases from compromised zonular integrity into routine cases. 

Geuder® CTR Injector

This reusable injector is designed for the clockwise, one-handed implantation of the Morcher and Henderson CTRs.

Ring Calipers

Ring Calipers are used during cataract surgery and serve as templates to create a more precise anterior capsulorhexis.

Morcher® Pupil Dilator

The Morcher pupil dilator is a semi-circular elastic PMMA ring for the expansion of the pupil during phacoemulsification. For patients who have cataracts and contracted pupils or floppy iris syndrome, this is the optimal temporary implant.

Kitaro Dry/Wet Lab FCI Exclusive

The Kitaro Wet Lab and Dry Lab is created with the learning surgeon in mind. With both wet and dry lab kits, the beginner can practice techniques repeatedly without the added complication of long preparation times and costly live tissue samples.