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Ahmed Segment

The Ahmed Segment is designed by Ike Ahmed, MD. This partial ring is indicated for significant zonular weakness and may be used intraoperatively or as permanent support.

Geuder® CTR Injector

This reusable injector is designed for the clockwise, one-handed implantation of the Morcher and Henderson CTRs.

Ring Calipers

Ring Calipers are used during cataract surgery and serve as templates to create a more precise anterior capsulorhexis.

Morcher® Pupil Dilator

The Morcher pupil dilator is a semi-circular elastic PMMA ring for the expansion of the pupil during phacoemulsification. For patients who have cataracts and contracted pupils or floppy iris syndrome, this is the optimal temporary implant.

Mackool Cataract Support System

The Mackool™ Cataract Support System helps provide capsular support during cataract surgery for patients who have contracted pupils or floppy iris syndrome.

Paracentesis Incision Knives

The most complete range of knives for ocular paracentesis (technique for removing cataract) including ClearPort™ Knives and Stab Knives.