Blinkeze™ Eyelid Weights


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Description :

Blinkeze™ External Eyelid Weights provide those with lagophthalmos, as a result of temporary facial paralysis or Bell’s palsy, with an immediate and easy to apply treatment. Blinkeze™ can be quickly attached to the upper eyelid with the included EyeClose® double-sided, hypoallergenic adhesive strips.

For the most effective external treatment of lagophthalmos, Blinkeze™ external eyelid weights provide continuous and reliable corneal protection with improved patient comfort. Wearing Blinkeze™ for as long as lagophthalmos persists decreases a patient’s reliance on ophthalmic ointments and lubricants, and the need for occlusion therapy may be eliminated.

Main characteristics :

• An immediate and easy way to treat temporary facial paralysis or Bell’s palsy
• Can be quickly attached to the upper eyelid with the included double-sided EyeClose® hypoallergenic adhesive strips
• The proper weight allows to close the eyelid without difficulty and induces as light ptosis (1.0 mm)
• After placement, the levator muscle seems stronger
• Standard width 5.0 mm


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