Improved biocompatility of our orbital implants

FCI Ophthalmics orbital implants provide highly effective treatment options to perform enucleation and evisceration procedures.

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Among other ophthalmic surgical devices, FCI offers orbital implants in silicone and bioceramic, spherical or egg-shaped, mesh wrapped or unwrapped.



Offering the most biocompatible orbital implants to reduce the risk of postsurgical complication



Enhancing your results for normal anatomy and psychology of your patients



Enabling you to manage orbital surgery by offering you many sizes as well as sizers  and conformers


Use of this implant makes a significant clinical difference in patients because the eye sockets are quieter than with previous implants, even after 24 months of follow-up. “


David Jordan, MD
Ophthalmology Times, June 15, 2001

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