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FCI punctal plugs are the results of extensive research on dry eye syndrome and punctal occlusion for the last 30 years. As a world leader in this area, we constantly adapt our plugs to the needs of physicians worldwide.

Discover the SnugPlug™: One plug, One Size

The SnugPlug™ is designed to provide effective punctal occlusion for the treatment of dry eye. Preloaded in a stretched position, this plug returns to its natural shape when it's released in the punctum. This one-size-fits all plug eliminates sizing and facilitates insertion.


Enhancing your treatment of punctal occlusion with our highly effective devices: SnugPlug™, Ready-Set Plugs, and Non-Sterile Plugs.


Offering a wide range of material and custom sizes to respond to all your patients' needs, as well as a dry eye measurement tool.


Enabling you to better help your patients resolve dry eye issues and reduce pop-out with an innovative collarette and bulb design.

Painless Punctal Plug [called “SnugPlug” in the USA - Ed] has a high retention rate with the following benefits, it has one-size, fitted for small to medium puncta; extended round end which made prior dilation unnecessary and once inserted, the soft round bulb fits snugly inside the punctum preventing plug loss.

Reynaldo M. Javate, MD

Orbit Volume 35 Issue 3, May 2016

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